Our forum is a collective of amazing people striving to build better future with blockchain technology.
Power of Meetups
The most interesting themes around blockchain technology and phenomena are covered.

What is Blockchainforum

As a non-profit organisation, our mission is to promote open discussion among customers, suppliers and legislators, and to increase know-how by training and organizing opportunities for decentralized technologies.

This Forum story started a good year ago with founding members Markus Lehtonen, Tomi Dahlberg and Teemu Rissanen. We organise Gatherings in different forms from which you can find more information in this site and in the “daughter”sites linked.

Power of Meetups

Creating community spirit through meetups is an important part of assosiation´s activities. We invite people basis to learn from each other and carry constructive dialogue. Meetups, where the most interesting themes around blockchain technology and phenomena are covered, are arranged in various locations in Helsinki and elsewhere around in Finland.


Join us today!

Co-creating community spirit is all about helping people to participate and supporting rich communication. Thus the results of digital co-creation activities are being shared by all and they are also used as an input to our development plan. Based on the wisdom of the crowds, we are able to improve our offering to the community. The audience and members are welcomed to contribute by participating in digital co-creation in addition to a vivid discussion onsite.

Members of Blockchain Forum Association

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