Apply for the ICO / STO Project Pitch!

You have an interesting idea (ICO / STO / or other project draft) that needs funding for the development.

To take part in the pitch session, it is necessary to submit an application as soon as you are able, but at least due to November 15th.

Fill in the pre-application form below. 

Projects will be chosen after November 15th. The organizers will then contact the startups and provide them the information for ICO-Pitch.

To increase your chances for participation in the pitch session it’s important to have.

1 – operational website
2 – relevant idea
3 – full team
4 – white paper and minimally viable product.


If you lack some of required information don´t let it stop you. Just fill the missing information with text “BLANK” and describe your “Main idea” in more comprehensive way.

ICO / STO Prelaunch party 8.11.2018

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Apply for the ICO-Pitch

Describe your project briefly and clearly. Imagine that you have 30 seconds to
pitch the ICO Angels and other potential supporters

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